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Home Insurance

For Your Home

What kind of insurance policy do I need to protect my Home? Well, that depends. Are you buying a house, condo or townhouse? Or do you rent? How can I make my Home Page safer and possibly save money? Do I need mortgage protection insurance? How much would it cost to rebuild my Home Page at today's prices?

I will gladly help answer all of your questions or concerns. Contact me today.

For Your Personal Belongings

What would it cost to replace the contents or personal belongings of my Home Page? Is there coverage to repair and/or replace the appliances in my Home Page? Do I need to take an inventory and photographs of my belongings? How do I protect my identity?

For Your Coverage

Do I need earthquake insurance? Should I get flood insurance? Do I need Personal Liability Umbrella coverage? How can I make sure there is adequate coverage for my valuables (jewelry, silverware, furs)? How much should my deductible be? Will I be reimbursed for additional living expenses if I cannot live in my Home Page due to a covered loss?

These questions any many more, we can answer very quickly. Why don't you call us at 951-734-6100 or email us, and let us guide you through these questions.